Friday, 12 July 2013

My own personal incidents during the last 30 years.

I will shortly post five tales from my last 30 years, I hope they will be of interest!

1. Double engine failure in a PA31 and dead-stick landing into Middle Wallop in the UK.
2. Diversion from San Francisco in a Boeing 747-400, due to Snoopy!
3. Rejected take-off in a Boeing 737-500 at Prague, only time Inshallah would have been appropriate!
4. Engine failure in a Boeing 747-400 on the climb-out from Seoul.
5. My last flight from Lagos on the DC10-30 as it started to fall to bits.....

I will advise on my Facebook page (just look for Alan Carter's page) when these have been posted.
I hope you'll enjoy them.......more than I did at the time!